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Creating Your Custom Luxury Experience

1. Design and engineering


We will set up a meeting with you in which one of our experienced sales consultants/system designers will go over all the things you want from your custom system. Our associates not only know what products best-fit particular applications, they can often save you money by suggesting alternatives you might not have been aware of. They can also introduce you to technologies and products that will make using your system — and living in your home — much more relaxing and enjoyable.


Once your salesperson thoroughly understands your unique requirements, he or she will design your system. Then our engineering department reviews the design and identifies potential problems before your system is integrated into your home. The project engineer provides diagrams and system documentation that allow our technicians in the field to more efficiently install and service your system.



2. A project manager is assigned


When your system is decided upon and properly designed and engineered, BOCHT assigns you a project manager. It is this person’s job to coordinate with the architect, general contractor, interior designer, electrical contractor and anyone else involved with your home. The project manager is responsible for scheduling and coordinating the installation staff, and making sure your equipment is delivered in a timely manner.



3. Pre-wire (if necessary)


After you have decided the extent of the system you want installed, it’s the job of the installers to make it happen. If your system is going in a new home under construction or in an existing home undergoing significant remodeling, the second phase is called the pre-wire. During this phase, the structured wiring (all the hidden wiring that forms the important infrastructure of your system) is run inside the walls before the sheet rock closes everything in.



4. Completion


Once the walls are up and the construction is finished, the installers return during the finish-out stage to complete the system by installing all the hardware (TVs, speakers, receivers, etc.) that gets connected by the hidden wiring. If you are installing a system in an existing home — what’s known as a retro-fit installation — the pre-wire and finish-out stages are often done at the same time.



5. Demonstration


Installing your equipment is only part of the completion of your system. A new generation of touch screen learning remotes has revolutionized and simplified system operation. BOCHT can take multiple remote controls from different manufacturers and combine them into one, easy-to-use controller. Our patient and diligent staff will then teach you how to operate and obtain the maximum enjoyment from your system.